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システムエラーでカード決済ができなかったScandinavian Outdoor Storeですが、

■Haglöfs Lim Ultimate Q Jacket Black -- 38 199.00€
■Haglöfs Husky II Q Jacket Putty -- XS 179.00€
■Haglöfs Return Q LS Tee Lilac -- S 59.00€

Product total: 437.00€
Delivery cost: 25.00€
Grand total: 462.00€


Good morning,

sorry for the delay but I believe I now found the error that causes this
problem. Please try again, as I believe it is now fixed.

If you still can't choose credit card payment, you can make the order this
way: You can make the order by choosing the United Kingdom as the country
of delivery and then writing in the order's special requests that you are
actually making the order to Japan. This way we can go around this problem
for now.

by ane-imouto | 2010-02-03 23:52 |  

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